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Nickel Iron (NiFe)

Nickel Iron (NiFe)

Nickel Iron (NiFe) Extremly Long Life Deepcycle Batteries

The Last Battery Bank You Will Ever Buy For Your Off Grid Solar Or Wind System

Why Should You Consider A Nickel Iron (NiFe) Battery Bank For Your Standby Battery Bank Or Off Grid Solar/Wind Energy System?

* NiFe's have the longest life of any rechargeable battery made today
* NiFe's have withstood the test of time (some of Edison’s original batteries are still working today 80 years+)
* Environmentally friendly green technology battery (no lead, mercury, cadmium or other toxic heavy metals)
* Efficiency of the battery is constantly around 80% over its entire life (based on system set up)
* NiFe's Costs less per amp hour than any other battery based on a 40 year service life
* Cannot Sulfate
* Cannot Freeze
* If a cell stops holding its charge you can easily rejuvenate it by a simple electrolyte change
* The electrolyte is alkaline (the alkaline electrolyte protects the internals of the battery, unlike acid batteries)
* No need to do frequent equalization charges
* Old technology that today’s technology cannot beat in life cycles
* You can replace one cell if it fails (most other batteries you need to replace the entire battery)
* The entire battery is recyclable
* Extremely strong and durable

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