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60 & 72 Cell Solar Modules

60 & 72 Cell Solar Modules

60 Cell Solar Modules


Westrock Carries 60 Cell Solar Modules Which Offer Cost Effective Versatility For Use In Multiple Solar Applications. 60 Cell Modules Have Been The Most Common Modules Prodcued In The Market Place, They Range In Output From 220 - 300 Watts. These Modules Typically Measure About 65 x 40 Inches And Weigh About 30 Lbs, Making Them Relatively Easy For One Person To Carry. 60 Cell Modules Generally Are Not Compatible With PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) Type Charge Controllers When Charging 12 Volt Battery Banks As The Voltage Is Too High. To Charge 12 Volt Battery Banks MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Type Charge Controllers Are Required. 60 Cell Modules Can Also Be Used In Grid Tie Solar Applications.


72 Cell Solar Modules


These modules are larger than the 60 Cell Variety Typically Measuring 78 x 39 Inches With An Output Range Of 300 - 380 Watts. These modules are the most efficient size for Larger Grid Tie Solar Systems, Saving On Mounting And Wiring Costs.

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