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Grid Tie Solar Energy Systems

Grid Tie Solar Energy Systems

   19.5 Kilowatt Grid Tie Installation:


   Westrock is Manitoba's Most Experienced Installer Of Solar Energy Systems, We Have Sold and Installed Thousands Of Off The Grid Systems For Cottages, Remote Homes And Industrial Applications Like Remote Weather Stations Since 1978. Our Experience In Off The Grid Solar Systems Has Led Us To Install One Of The First Large Grid Tied Systems In Manitoba.


   Westrock's 19.5 Kilowatt Grid Tie Installation, Located Near The Town Of Lundar, Was Completed In The Fall Of 2016. This System Features 60 Celestica Solar 325 Watt Canadian Made Solar Panels, A Schletter FS Ground Mount System, A Custom Concrete Piled Foundation, Dual 10 Kilowatt Fronius Inverters And A 420 Foot Underground Cable Run From The Array To The Clients Residence.


    This System will generate approximately 23500 Kilowatts Of Electricity Each Year And Qualified For The Manitoba Hydro Solar Rebate Of $1000 Per Kilowatt Or $19,500.00. Depending On Increases In Hydro Rates Over The Next Decade This System Could Pay For Itself In Hydro Savings In 6-10 Years.


GRID Tie Solar Site Evaluations:


Contact Us At 204-784-2310 or Email: to arrange for a site evaluation and report where we will visit your location and assess the potential for a Grid Tied solar installation on your property.

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